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  • ●聚氨酯小型发泡机喷涂机浇注机 [05-12] ● Polyurethane small foaming machine spraying machine pouring machine
  • ●必看! [05-10] ● Must see! The relationship between waterproof coating thickness and waterproof life
  • ●聚氨酯发泡机使用的环境及需要注意 [05-14] ● Environment and attention of polyurethane foam machine
  • ●软泡聚氨酯和硬泡聚氨酯的区别对比 [09-07] ● The difference between soft foam polyurethane and rigid foam polyurethane
  • ●聚氨酯涂层聚脲涂层工艺性 [05-08] ● Polyurethane coating polyurea coating processability
  • ●聚氨酯发泡机的市场前景广阔 [05-08] ● The market prospect of polyurethane foaming machine is broad
  • ●建筑行业选用上海聚脲喷涂的优势有 [05-08] ● The advantages of using Shanghai polyurea spray in the construction industry are:
  • ●聚氨酯喷涂机保养有哪些方法? [09-06] ● What are the methods for maintenance of polyurethane spraying machine?
  • ●「pvc材料」聚氨酯延迟催化剂浅析 [07-25] ● Analysis of Polyurethane Delay Catalyst for "PVC Materials"
  • ●聚氨酯喷涂发泡应注意的环境条件 [08-24] ● Environmental conditions for polyurethane spray foam
  • ●选择一次好的聚氨酯喷涂,就要先了 [05-04] ● Choose a good polyurethane spraying first
  • ●“五一”装修知识大扫盲:厨房卫生 [04-28] ● "May Day" Decoration Knowledge Literacy: Kitchen Hygiene
  • ●「eva材料」防水层厚度、高度不达 [07-25] ● The thickness and height of the "eva material" waterproof layer are not up to
  • ●聚氨酯发泡机—外墙保温工程成本的 [05-07] ● Polyurethane foaming machine—external wall insulation project cost
  • ●您需要知道的聚氨酯发泡的注意事项 [05-07] ● What you need to know about polyurethane foam
  • ●聚氨酯喷涂作业时“应该”和“不应 [10-29] ● "should" and "should not" when spraying polyurethane
  • ●影响聚氨酯喷涂施工出方率的几个因 [10-29] ● Several factors affecting the yield of polyurethane spraying construction
  • ●聚氨酯喷涂施工的常见问题及原因 [10-29] ● Common problems and reasons of polyurethane spraying construction
  • ●聚氨酯防腐应用以及储存 [10-21] ● Application and storage of polyurethane anticorrosion
  • ●聚氨酯防腐漆在出现剥落现象 [10-21] ● The polyurethane anticorrosive paint is peeling off
  • ●聚氨酯防腐的主要涂覆方法 [10-21] ● Main coating methods for polyurethane anticorrosion
  • ●聚氨酯防腐的涂装工艺 [10-21] ● Polyurethane anticorrosive coating process
  • ●如何提高聚氨酯防腐的性能 [10-21] ● How to improve the anticorrosive performance of polyurethane
  • ●聚氨酯防腐适用领域以及特点 [10-21] ● Application areas and characteristics of polyurethane anticorrosion
  • ●聚氨酯高压喷涂设备的主要优点 [10-19] ● Main advantages of high pressure polyurethane spray equipment
  • ●聚氨酯发泡机选购前的对比方法 [09-19] ● Comparison method before purchasing polyurethane foaming machine
  • ●聚氨酯发泡机特点和工作流程介绍 [09-19] ● Introduction of polyurethane foam machine characteristics and work flow
  • ●聚氨酯高压发泡机和低压发泡机的区 [08-08] ● The area of polyurethane high pressure foaming machine and low pressure foaming machine
  • ●「耐高温材料」聚氨酯硬泡的发展方 [07-25] ● Development method of "high temperature resistant material" polyurethane rigid foam
  • ●「ws15」喷涂型聚氨酯应用指南 [07-25] ● "ws15" Spraying Polyurethane Application Guide
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         After more than ten years of development, Jinan Jiuxu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has grown into one of the strong equipment manufacturing industries in the polyurethane equipment industry. 用户 服务 质量,并承接:外墙保温、冷库保温发泡等工程。 Main products of the company: Polyurethane high-pressure spraying machine, polyurethane foaming machine, polyurethane spraying machine, polyurea equipment, polyurethane foaming equipment, polyurethane foaming machine and other equipment accessories (polyurethane high-pressure spray gun, nozzle, heating pipe, block, friction Deputy, booster pump, hybrid, feed pump, etc.) also adhere to the quality of customer service , and undertake: external wall insulation, cold storage insulation foaming and other projects. Jinan Jiuxu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification and national high-tech enterprise certification. At present, Jinan Jiuxu Machinery Equipment has led China's polyurethane equipment industry and has become the first choice for customers.
    The products sold by the company are mainly from well-known domestic and international brands. The products have excellent performance, reasonable prices, professional technology and perfect after-sales service. They have won the sincere appreciation of many customers at home and abroad. Company products are exported to Hebei, Anhui, Guangdong, Shandong, Beijing, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Henan, Hubei, Shanxi, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi, Hainan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Domestic markets such as Qinghai, Ningxia, Urumqi, Xinjiang, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Hohhot in Inner Mongolia have won praise from users.
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