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  • "Polyurea Material" Waterproofing: Waterproofing Tips for House Decoration, Worth Collecting!
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    "Polyurea material"
    The renovation of new houses must suspend the hydropower transformation, which will inevitably destroy the original waterproof layer and easily cause water leakage. For example, the toilets and kitchens, which are often in contact with water, only need to have a central leak, which will cause water leakage in the floor to leak downstairs, affecting the relationship with the neighbors. In addition, if the leak is found after the renovation, the leak will be repaired. Waterproofing is about 3 to 5 times more expensive than waterproofing before decoration. In order to maintain the safety of wealth and avoid disputes in the neighborhood, new house decoration must be waterproof.
    Jiuxu Waterproof: Generally speaking, the sky and wall of the toilet, the kitchen, the sky and the wall of the balcony, the sky and the wall of the first floor house, the sky and the wall of the open room, the water pipe groove in the wall Waterproof and moisture-proof disposal should be suspended at the place where the floor, pipeline, and floor drain pass through the floor.
    The general steps of residential waterproofing construction are: grassroots disposal → detailed node disposal → waterproof primer coating → large-area painting → closed water experiment → maintenance layer. The key steps are primary treatment and subsequent maintenance.
    Primary Disposal
    1) Carefully clean the base surface to remove floating dust, and remove cement agglomeration and loose base;
    2) Suspend special treatment for pipe roots, drainage holes, yin and yang corners, holes left after hydropower reform on the wall, etc. After treatment, use a brush to remove the remaining dust;
    3) Use LM polymer cement mortar to paint these key areas such as tube roots, yin and yang corners;
    4) Take an appropriate amount of LM composite waterproof paint and stir it thoroughly, then use a roller brush to apply the paint on the wall and the ground first. The waterproof coating should be fully coated, firmly bonded to the base layer, and the surface should be flat, without omissions, no bubbles, no cracks, no delamination, and the brushing height of the rolled part is basically different, and the thickness must meet the product requirements.
    Acceptance method for waterproof construction

    The function of the waterproof layer can be verified by closed water experiments and water spray experiments. For toilets, kitchens, etc., the acceptance of waterproof construction can take closed water experiments. When doing water-closing experiments, seal the doorway and the drain. The depth of the aquifer at the high point should be no less than 20 mm, and the water storage time should be no less than 24 h. Observe whether there is water seepage in the downstairs toilet, etc., touch the suspicious area with your hand to confirm whether there is water leakage, and check whether there is a leakage point. If the acceptance is unsuccessful, the waterproofing project must be redone as a whole, and then the closed water test acceptance must be redone. For lightweight walls, water spray experiments should be taken. That is, use a water pipe to spray water continuously from the top to the bottom for 3 to 4 minutes. After 4 hours, observe whether the other side of the wall has penetrated.
    Construction of maintenance floor
    After the waterproof layer is finished, it is necessary to continue to tile it. It is often easy to damage the waterproof layer. If the damage is not repaired or found, it will inevitably cause leakage in the future. Make a maintenance layer. Add a waterproof barrier and kill two birds with one stone.
    "Polyurea material"
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