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  • "Beijing Chemical Materials" Waterproof Coating Formula Optimization and Application of Mechanized Spray Construction
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    "Beijing Chemical Materials"
    Abstract: According to the characteristics of three types of waterproof coatings, such as high elastic thick acrylic vinegar, polyurethane, and polymer cement, select suitable spraying equipment, and stop modifying the formula of the waterproof coating according to the spraying parameters, so as to meet the mechanized spraying on a large level. construction. Several spraying machines have their own advantages. Depending on the characteristics of the project, the Z45 electric sprayer or GH933 airless sprayer can be selectively used to greatly reduce the cost and improve the construction efficiency while ensuring the quality of the construction.
    Keywords: high elastic thick acrylic vinegar waterproof coating; polyurethane waterproof coating; polymer cement waterproof coating; mechanized spray construction; airless sprayer; heating module
    Leakage in construction projects has become a stubborn disease in the construction market, causing many reasons for construction leakage, including design, information, construction and maintenance. In terms of construction alone, the waterproof construction of China's construction projects has been in an extensive state for a long time, and construction operations rely on manpower. The construction "guerrillas" occupy most of the market. They have no qualifications, no technology, not only inefficiency, but also various safety Hidden danger. For this reason, the waterproofing industry continues to actively explore
    Polyurethane spraying machine factory cables are more scientific and efficient construction technology; mechanized construction is also becoming the focus of more and more enterprises in the industry, especially in waterproof coating construction, mechanized spraying has become an inevitable trend of waterproof construction ['] .
    At present, the waterproof coating market is mainly based on polyurethane (including single and double groups, polymer cement (cJS), according to data released by the China Building Waterproof Association's 2014 Annual Report on the Waterproof Industry). 15.19% of the total data, especially in the indoor kitchen and bathroom rooms, equipment rooms and high-speed railway applications. In this context, Hongyuan Waterproof actively cooperated with domestic and foreign spraying equipment manufacturers to jointly stop various major Research and discussion on the compatibility of waterproof coatings and professional spraying construction equipment.
    1 selection of waterproof coatings
    According to the performance characteristics and practical application requirements of our company's waterproof coatings, polyurethane sprayers have selected several representative waterproof materials to stop the matching experiments, including:
    D high elastic thick acrylic cool waterproof coating;
    2J polyurethane cool waterproof coating, including single-component, two-component;
    3} Polymer cement (JS) waterproof coating, including industrial type and type II.
    The performance indicators of the three types of waterproof coatings are given below, including the degree of rubiness in the experiment.
    1.1 High elastic thick acrylic cool waterproof coating
    Table 1 is the main performance index of the high elastic thick acrylic cool waterproof coating (JC / T 864-2008 ((Polymer emulsion building waterproof coating protection). The degree cannot be tested, and it is not representative. 1.2 Polyurethane waterproof coating
    Table 2 shows the main performance indicators and measured values of various items of polyurethane waterproof coating (implementation standard GB / T 192so-2o13 "polyurethane waterproof coating" [37v.
    1.3 polymer cement waterproof coating
    Table 3 shows the main performance indicators of polymer cement waterproof coatings (implementation specification GB / T 2344s-2009 ((Polymer cement waterproof coatings) [4T.
    2 Selection of spraying construction polyurethane spraying equipment
    At present, domestic professional waterproof coating spraying equipment has just begun, and it is difficult to match in terms of power selection, polyurethane spraying equipment specifications, and nozzle size. Therefore, thinking about stopping cooperation with foreign professional equipment manufacturers, thinking about equipment selection from the following aspects:
    D equipment is lightweight and sensitive to carry, and should be moved at the construction site;
    2) The device is simple and convenient to operate, easy to learn and understand;
    3) The equipment can sensitively adapt to the practical conditions of the construction site, and can choose JjL, Huaxi l ”, a 11 (1220 V voltage operation or gasoline-powered operation);
    4) The pressure and flow of the equipment are adjustable, which can fully meet the construction of different data and different parts;
    s) The equipment is easy to clean and easy to disassemble and install.
    Based on the above elements and the above-mentioned requests for various waterproof coatings, we have selected DutyMax300DIGH933 ultra-high pressure airless sprayer from WAGNER in Germany and HC970 hydraulic pump airless sprayer and Xtreme Z4s electric sprayer from Graco in the US. Economics and efficiency have stopped testing comparisons, and each device has its own advantages and advantages.
    3 spray test
    3.1 High elastic thick acrylic cool waterproof coating
    High elastic thick acrylic cool waterproof coating belongs to a class of special one-component coatings. It is made of a mixture of high-performance acrylic emulsion and inorganic filler. Under the condition of no thickening, its degree of hardness is only a few hundred mPa} s. Easy to precipitate. In order to deal with the problem of low degree of precipitation and easy precipitation, we have chosen to add an alkali swelling thickener to the formula to achieve high degree of characteristics under low shear force; although it seems to have a high degree of intensity, but under high shear Thins immediately without affecting spraying. In terms of polyurethane cool and JS, high elastic thick acrylic cool waterproof paint is a waterproof paint that can be easily sprayed; more importantly, because of its pseudoplasticity, even if the spray is slightly thicker, it is not easy to cause sagging. It is suitable for spraying waterproof paint.
    3.2 Polyurethane waterproof coating
    3.2.1 Problems and treatment plans
    "Beijing Chemical Materials" Compared to the easy spraying operation of acrylic cool waterproof coating, the spraying construction of polyurethane cool waterproof coating is not easy to operate, especially the one-component polyurethane cool. For this reason, in combination with equipment manufacturers, select equipment models with higher pressures, and add heating modules during the polyurethane spray coating process, especially the one-component polyurethane cool, thereby reducing the instantaneous degree of polyurethane spray coating.
    Taking the one-component polyurethane cool waterproof coating as an example, when using the GH933 equipment, when the equipment pressure reaches 4148 MPa, the coating can be sprayed, but the flow rate is significantly reduced, and the spraying efficiency is greatly reduced. When the Z45 spraying machine is used, Its high pressure is only 31 MPa, which can not complete the spraying operation. Therefore, a heating module has been added to the Z45 equipment to complete the spraying.
    At the same time, there are two types of dividend-type products and type II products, of which the application scope of type II products is more common. JS waterproof coating is a water-based coating. Its degree of hardness can be adjusted with water, but because of its high degree of hardness and the hydraulic setting information of cement, it results in a poor atomization effect when spraying, and the mesh size of the powder is too small. Poor dispersion, easy to block guns, affect construction efficiency. Taking Type II as an example, during the initial test, neither GH933, HC970 or Z45 sprayer failed to complete the spraying application.
    According to these problems, the consumer formula adjustment of JS waterproof coating (CII) was stopped and the fineness of the coating was improved; during the spraying construction process, water was increased by 5%} 10% (mass fraction), and the polyurethane spraying equipment was increased. The dilution of JS reduces the degree of data, and the filter installation is added to complete the spray coating construction, which guarantees the coating film thickness and does not show sagging during vertical wall operation.
    In the process of stopping the spraying experiment after adjusting the consumption formula, it was found that JS waterproof coating (CII type) cannot be atomized by direct spraying, but because it is a water-based coating, the cohesion of the coating can be significantly reduced and the atomization is easier, but with Brings the problem of easy hanging. In order to solve this problem, we have adopted a water-reducing agent that is more environmentally friendly but has low water-reduction efficiency, and appropriately reduces the content of the emulsion to reduce its cohesion. In the case of more external water, the spray does not sag; in addition, In order to deal with the problem that the gun is easy to be blocked, the quartz powder with a higher mesh size is selected, and the effective spraying is completed by reducing the particle size. JS waterproof coating (CII) formula before and after adjustment, see Table 5};
    5 Conclusion
    The mechanized construction of waterproof coatings has obvious effects on reducing project costs, improving the work efficiency of polyurethane sprayers, and ensuring construction quality, and is also a form of construction generally used in the country. The choice of stopping the mechanized construction of three kinds of waterproof coatings, such as high-elastic thick acrylic cool, polyurethane cool, and polymer cement, finally confirmed the scope of application of Z45 electric sprayer and GH933 airless sprayer. After project verification, the mechanized spraying construction effect is good, there is no hollowing and flowing phenomenon, the construction thickness is evenly divided; and it can greatly reduce the labor cost and improve the construction efficiency, which is the inevitable trend of waterproof construction.
    "Beijing Chemical Materials"