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  • ●「聚氨酯产品」地铁防水工程复合防 [07-24] ● "Polyurethane Products"
  • ●温度控制是解决聚氨酯发泡机的空泡 [05-08] ● Temperature control is to solve the cavitation of polyurethane foaming machine
  • ●使用聚氨酯喷涂机白料时要细致什么 [05-10] ● What to be careful when using polyurethane sprayer white material
  • ●哪些因素会影响聚氨酯发泡质量 [05-07] ● What factors will affect the quality of polyurethane foam
  • ●聚氨酯发泡机混合器中物料的流场分 [05-18] ● Flow field analysis of materials in mixer of polyurethane foaming machine
  • ●购买防水涂料需要重点关注的性能指 [05-10] ● The performance indicators that need to focus on when buying waterproof coatings
  • ●保温材料阻燃性能不合格成冷库安全 [05-05] Insufficient flame retardant performance of insulation materials to become safe in cold storage
  • ●异氰酸酯与聚脲弹性体性能的关系 [08-17] The relationship between isocyanate and polyurea elastomer performance
  • ●聚氨酯保温材料行业未来发展前景可 [05-12] ● The future development prospects of polyurethane thermal insulation material industry are promising
  • ●详解聚氨酯发泡机操作规程 [05-07] ● Detailed operation rules of polyurethane foaming machine
  • ●现代建筑工地为什么要用【聚氨酯发 [03-21] ● Why use modern polyurethane construction site
  • ●怎么解决聚氨酯发泡机空泡现象 [05-08] ● How to solve the cavitation phenomenon of polyurethane foaming machine
  • ●必看! [05-10] ● Must see! The relationship between waterproof coating thickness and waterproof life
  • ●如何在屋顶操作聚氨酯喷涂 [09-10] ● How to operate polyurethane spray on the roof
  • ●喷涂硬泡聚氨酯外墙防水保温施工流 [05-16] ● Waterproof thermal insulation construction flow for spraying rigid foam polyurethane exterior
  • ●聚氨酯喷涂作业时“应该”和“不应 [10-29] ● "should" and "should not" when spraying polyurethane
  • ●影响聚氨酯喷涂施工出方率的几个因 [10-29] ● Several factors affecting the yield of polyurethane spraying construction
  • ●聚氨酯喷涂施工的常见问题及原因 [10-29] ● Common problems and reasons of polyurethane spraying construction
  • ●聚氨酯防腐应用以及储存 [10-21] ● Application and storage of polyurethane anticorrosion
  • ●聚氨酯防腐漆在出现剥落现象 [10-21] ● The polyurethane anticorrosive paint is peeling off
  • ●聚氨酯防腐的主要涂覆方法 [10-21] ● Main coating methods for polyurethane anticorrosion
  • ●聚氨酯防腐的涂装工艺 [10-21] ● Polyurethane anticorrosive coating process
  • ●如何提高聚氨酯防腐的性能 [10-21] ● How to improve the anticorrosive performance of polyurethane
  • ●聚氨酯防腐适用领域以及特点 [10-21] ● Application areas and characteristics of polyurethane anticorrosion
  • ●聚氨酯高压喷涂设备的主要优点 [10-19] ● Main advantages of high pressure polyurethane spray equipment
  • ●聚氨酯发泡机选购前的对比方法 [09-19] ● Comparison method before purchasing polyurethane foaming machine
  • ●聚氨酯发泡机特点和工作流程介绍 [09-19] ● Introduction of polyurethane foam machine characteristics and work flow
  • ●聚氨酯高压发泡机和低压发泡机的区 [08-08] ● The area of polyurethane high pressure foaming machine and low pressure foaming machine
  • ●「耐高温材料」聚氨酯硬泡的发展方 [07-25] ● Development method of "high temperature resistant material" polyurethane rigid foam
  • ●「ws15」喷涂型聚氨酯应用指南 [07-25] ● "ws15" Spraying Polyurethane Application Guide
  • Some things you should and shouldn't do when spraying polyurethane
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    Prepare special supply hoses and spray guns for polyurethane materials. If you must use spray equipment that sprays other materials to spray polyurethane material, thoroughly clean the equipment before spraying. Otherwise you will spend most of your spraying work cleaning the spray head.
    When spraying is completed, clean the spray gun with a cleaning solvent. The solvent must go through the entire spraying process of the spraying equipment, including the spray gun. Turn the spray head over and over again to ensure that all polyurethane material remains. Stop material supply, reduce gun pressure, and remove gun head and gun head bracket. Remove the spray gun head from the stand and place it in a solvent tank. Remove the spray gun and place it in a solvent tank.
    Place the fluid tube in the cleaning solvent bucket you use to clean the gun equipment. Closing the air pressure or opening the fluid valve allows the cleaning solvent to flow slowly and permanently through the entire fluid tube.
    Continue to use the pump inside the spray gun to clean the solvent for 5-10 minutes. Pour part of the cleaning solvent into another bucket, and insert the suction hose of the spraying equipment into the bucket of this cleaning solvent, but the hose remains in the original bucket. Continue to use the pump inside the spray gun to clean the solvent until the remaining solvent becomes clean and free of impurities. Clean the filter system and carefully adjust the valve at the bottom of the filter system to drain the polyurethane residue into a small bucket. Because the opening and closing of this valve may cause the liquid in the filtration system to spray or spray, the pressure in the system should be turned off before the valve is opened, and then the pressure is slowly adjusted to the valve to slowly and stably discharge the liquid. When the effluent becomes pure, close the valve.
    Now that the solvent in the spray system is clean, put the fluid tube in the same barrel as the suction hose, and let the entire spray system continue the spray cycle for 10-15 minutes or longer as needed.
    If you plan to continue spraying with the spray equipment the next day, you also need to keep the cleaning solvent in the spray system and just turn off the air supply to the spray system. If you do not plan to use the spray equipment for a while, fill the spray equipment with filling fluid. This helps prevent the spray system from freezing in long-term storage.
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