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  • ●哪些因素会影响聚氨酯发泡质量 [05-07] ● What factors will affect the quality of polyurethane foam
  • ●详解聚氨酯发泡机操作规程 [05-07] ● Detailed operation rules of polyurethane foaming machine
  • ●怎么解决聚氨酯发泡机空泡现象 [05-08] ● How to solve the cavitation phenomenon of polyurethane foaming machine
  • ●购买防水涂料需要重点关注的性能指 [05-10] ● The performance indicators that need to focus on when buying waterproof coatings
  • ●喷涂硬泡聚氨酯外墙防水保温施工流 [05-16] ● Waterproof thermal insulation construction flow for spraying rigid foam polyurethane exterior
  • ●聚氨酯发泡机混合器中物料的流场分 [05-18] ● Flow field analysis of materials in mixer of polyurethane foaming machine
  • ●聚氨酯保温材料行业未来发展前景可 [05-12] ● The future development prospects of polyurethane thermal insulation material industry are promising
  • ●使用聚氨酯喷涂机白料时要细致什么 [05-10] ● What to be careful when using polyurethane sprayer white material
  • ●如何在屋顶操作聚氨酯喷涂 [09-10] ● How to operate polyurethane spray on the roof
  • ●保温材料阻燃性能不合格成冷库安全 [05-05] Insufficient flame retardant performance of insulation materials to become safe in cold storage
  • ●「聚氨酯产品」地铁防水工程复合防 [07-24] ● "Polyurethane Products"
  • ●异氰酸酯与聚脲弹性体性能的关系 [08-17] The relationship between isocyanate and polyurea elastomer performance
  • ●必看! [05-10] ● Must see! The relationship between waterproof coating thickness and waterproof life
  • ●现代建筑工地为什么要用【聚氨酯发 [03-21] ● Why use modern polyurethane construction site
  • ●温度控制是解决聚氨酯发泡机的空泡 [05-08] ● Temperature control is to solve the cavitation of polyurethane foaming machine
  • ●聚氨酯喷涂作业时“应该”和“不应 [10-29] ● "should" and "should not" when spraying polyurethane
  • ●影响聚氨酯喷涂施工出方率的几个因 [10-29] ● Several factors affecting the yield of polyurethane spraying construction
  • ●聚氨酯喷涂施工的常见问题及原因 [10-29] ● Common problems and reasons of polyurethane spraying construction
  • ●聚氨酯防腐应用以及储存 [10-21] ● Application and storage of polyurethane anticorrosion
  • ●聚氨酯防腐漆在出现剥落现象 [10-21] ● The polyurethane anticorrosive paint is peeling off
  • ●聚氨酯防腐的主要涂覆方法 [10-21] ● Main coating methods for polyurethane anticorrosion
  • ●聚氨酯防腐的涂装工艺 [10-21] ● Polyurethane anticorrosive coating process
  • ●如何提高聚氨酯防腐的性能 [10-21] ● How to improve the anticorrosive performance of polyurethane
  • ●聚氨酯防腐适用领域以及特点 [10-21] ● Application areas and characteristics of polyurethane anticorrosion
  • ●聚氨酯高压喷涂设备的主要优点 [10-19] ● Main advantages of high pressure polyurethane spray equipment
  • ●聚氨酯发泡机选购前的对比方法 [09-19] ● Comparison method before purchasing polyurethane foaming machine
  • ●聚氨酯发泡机特点和工作流程介绍 [09-19] ● Introduction of polyurethane foam machine characteristics and work flow
  • ●聚氨酯高压发泡机和低压发泡机的区 [08-08] ● The area of polyurethane high pressure foaming machine and low pressure foaming machine
  • ●「耐高温材料」聚氨酯硬泡的发展方 [07-25] ● Development method of "high temperature resistant material" polyurethane rigid foam
  • ●「ws15」喷涂型聚氨酯应用指南 [07-25] ● "ws15" Spraying Polyurethane Application Guide
  • Those who do not understand polyurethane foaming machine equipment can come in and take a look
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    The correct selection method of polyurethane foaming machine equipment. There are many types of polyurethane foaming machine equipment on the market. There are countless types of foaming machines of various brands, shapes and names, and new brands and new names of foaming machines. Machines are still being rolled out. Numerous models make the manufacturer dazzled, so that the wrong model is selected. In order to facilitate the correct selection of the foaming machine, the selection method of the foaming machine is now discussed.
    Fully understand the type of foaming machine. Although the basic principle of the foaming machine is to introduce gas into the aqueous solution of the foaming agent, different types of foaming machines introduce gas in different ways. Knowing the type of foaming machine will know its way of bleed air, which will be of great help to further understand its technical characteristics and performance, and help producers to grasp the overall. For example, the low-speed stirring type is to introduce gas by slowly rotating the blades, and the bubble production is small, and the foaming efficiency is low; the high-speed impeller type is to rely on high-speed rotating impellers to induce air, the bubble diameter cannot be controlled, and the foam is uneven; Fast bubble speed, high efficiency, uniform and fine bubbles. Yield, the output is the amount of bubble production, this amount must be slightly higher than 20% of their own bubble volume, to leave room, the bubble production should be based on the verification calculation of the lower limit, not the upper limit. Installed capacity: Installed capacity is the total installed power. This parameter is of great significance for calculating the adaptability of electrical circuits to the total power consumption. Equipment size, this parameter is a necessary factor for overall layout planning of the workshop.
    Those who do not understand polyurethane foaming machine equipment can come in and take a look
    Bubble diameter range: Generally, it should be compared according to the requirements of specific products for bubble diameter. Carefully understand the quality of foaming. The ultimate product of a foaming machine is foam, and what we need in the production process is also foam. Therefore, the quality of the foam is a criterion for judging the performance of the foaming machine. Judging the foaming quality of the foaming machine should be based on three aspects, namely the foam fineness, foam uniformity, and foam bleeding. Foam density refers to the size of the bubble diameter. The smaller the bubble diameter, the smaller and denser the foam, the better the stability of the foam, the higher the strength of the product produced, and the better the thermal insulation performance. Foam uniformity means that the diameter of the bubble should be uniform. The more uniform the diameter of the bubble, the narrower the distribution range, the more uniform the stress on the product, and the better the use effect. Foam bleeding refers to the amount of foaming agent aqueous solution produced after the foam bursts. The lower the foam bleeding, the lower the foam water content, indicating that the foaming performance of the foaming machine is better.
    The use of polyurethane foaming machine equipment in clothing and sporting goods, polyurethane has changed the style of clothing and plays a role in our lives. Its representative products are comfortable, soft, stretchy and flexible elastic spandex fiber. In addition to being used for puffs, pantyhose, socks for women's makeup, it is also used in ski shirts, swimwear, etc. Its amazing elongation has been used to a great extent. For skiing, yachting and other sports products, polyurethane coatings are selected for their excellent abrasion resistance and weather resistance. Rigid foam with light weight and good abrasion resistance is used as a core material for skis and surfboards. Polyurethane elastomer with excellent elasticity and abrasion resistance is used as the sole of sports shoes.