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  • Do you know what requirements and treatment methods polyurethane has for the base layer?
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    Introduction of Polyurethane Foaming Machine to Polyurethane Base Request and Disposal Methods
    1. The polyurethane waterproof base layer should be wiped with a 1: 3 cement mortar to a 1/50 flood slope according to the design requirements. The appearance should be smoothed and calendered. No defects such as unevenness, looseness, sanding and ashing are allowed. . Drain outlets or floor drains should be below the entire waterproof layer in order to remove accumulated water. The part of the pipe with the casing should be more than 20mm higher than the appearance of the base. The corners of the yin and yang corners should be made into small rounded corners with a radius of 10mm for coating application.
    2. All necessary fittings such as pipe fittings, sanitary equipment, floor drains, or drains are strong, the joints are tight, and they are closed, so there must be no looseness.
    3. During construction, during the construction of traditional polyurethane waterproof coatings, the waterproof base layer should be basically dry, and the moisture content should be less than 9%. The simple measurement method is to cover a rubber sheet with an area of 1 square meters and a thickness of 1.5 to 2.0 mm. On the base layer, it is left for 2 to 3 hours. If there is no watermark on the surface of the covered base layer, and there is no condensation watermark on the rubber plate on the side of the base layer, it is clarified that its moisture content is less than 9% based on experience, which is in line with the construction request. Xi'an Yuzhongqing Waterproof Material Co., Ltd.'s 911 type polyurethane coating consumed by this company does not have this request, and it can be applied as long as there is no clear water at the grassroots level.
    4. Before construction, first use a shovel and a broom to eradicate foreign matter such as protrusions, mortar and concrete from the grassroots surface, and thoroughly clean the dust and debris. The yin and yang corners, pipe roots, floor drains, and drainage ditch openings should be carefully liquidated. If oil and rust are found, they should be thoroughly cleaned with wire brushes, sandpaper and organic solvents.
    Note: Polyurethane is solidified by absorbing moisture, so do not encounter water. Remember to avoid it! !! !!
    If polyurethane foam is available, there are two ways to deal with it:
    1. Wash with polyurethane foaming agent before the polyurethane foaming agent solidifies, but spray directly on the biting cold (even in summer) with very low temperature on the hands
    2. After the foaming agent dries, you can peel off the pure foaming agent. In fact, if it is not sticky, it will be very troublesome if it has been exposed to water.
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