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  • Effect of mixing ratio of black and white materials and injection volume on product quality
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    Commonly used black and self-mixing ratios: 1: 0.90; 1: 0.95; 1: 1; 1: 1.05; 1: 1.1, etc. It is not difficult to see that the mixing accuracy requirements of the material ratio are still relatively high. How to grasp the correct and optimal mixing ratio? This requires continuous exploration, summarization, inspection and testing to determine during the production process according to the different process characteristics and different process conditions of the product.
    Generally, there will be soft foam, light foam color, low hardness, easy to shrink at low temperature; black material is more, foam color is dark, brittle, and cavitation will occur; excess cyclopentane will cause foaming, less will Cavitation appears. The usual force method for measuring the discharge ratio is: switch the high-pressure foaming machine to a high-pressure cycle, start the oil pump, and the discharge pump. Set the measuring time relay, place the two prepared measuring containers under the A and B measuring heads respectively, and press the measuring button. The two raw materials flow into the two containers from the measuring head, and the net weight of the foamed material is weighed. You can get the ratio. If the ratio does not meet the requirements, you can adjust the handle of the variable pump and repeat it to meet the requirements. In addition, it should be noted that the stability of the black self-injection pressure also has a great impact on the material ratio. Pay attention to and record during the foaming process, and often clean the filter. The instability of various pressures and uneven mixing will cause uneven foam density, and a large number of bubbles will gather in a certain part or a local soft bubble, which will cause local shrinkage, reduced strength, poor insulation, and power consumption during freezing and refrigerating. If you cut off the watch and the metal plate, self, yellow and black streaks will appear.
    Generally, the injection volume of foaming material should be determined according to the characteristics of the product and process requirements. When the proportion is timing, calculate the volume of the product, and then calculate the amount of material according to the density. Calculate the timing of the discharge time: Foam product weight (kg) = Foam product volume (m3) x foam specific gravity (kg / m3) x timed discharge time (seconds). Less material, foam molding will have low molding density, low strength, and even the phenomenon of unfilled cavities. If there is more material, foam expansion and leakage will occur, resulting in the refrigerator and freezer cabinets and doors. Deformation. In addition, the ITP should be determined according to the actual situation and the ambient temperature when foaming: the amount of injection, usually an excess of 5% to coincidence%, more in the winter when the ambient temperature is low, and less in the summer when the ambient temperature is high, because The pores are stretched along the rising direction, and the compressive strength in the vertical force direction is significantly reduced. When over-filling in production, the length of the pores will be reduced, so that the pores are close to spherical, with good uniformity and good foaming quality.
    Effect of mixing ratio of black and white materials and injection volume on product quality

    Effect of mixing ratio of black and white materials and injection volume on product quality
    The force method to determine whether the quality of the foaming material and the mixture are more appropriate than the force method is to take the first sample inspection or sampling during the production process. Here is a simple, practical and comprehensive inspection method: a galvanized iron sheet is used to make a small iron box of a fixed volume, lined with a thin plastic bag, and the appropriate amount of mixed foaming material is driven from the high-pressure foaming head. Since the foaming time does not stick to the time, after the foaming base wood is stabilized, use a thin straight wire to insert it into the foaming material from the opening to the top. Repeatedly insert a few more points. Do you feel the strength is similar? If the insertion strength is different If the mixing head is not mixed properly, check for problems. Extend the top of the iron box, and then horizontally saw the foaming material out of 11 '}. Use an electronic scale to get the net weight of the foaming material. The free foaming density can be calculated from the known volume. : 300C} 2} h) You can check the shrinkage. If the shrinkage is too large, it may be too much. Cut the excess material cut into roughly equal thickness pieces, and observe whether the cells are uniform and the color is normal. If mixed well, the foam cells are fine and uniform, and the color difference is small. Otherwise, the cells are thick and uneven, and the color difference is large. And even local agglomeration and cavitation. If the color is found to be dark, the manual foaming material is brittle, and there may be more black material; if the color is biased and not easy to be broken, it may be too much. The accuracy of this inspection method is determined by long-term accumulated experience, but it is very practical. Of course, if you can sample the actual foamed product to check the effect, it will be more accurate, but the wood is too high. In the foaming process, we must also pay attention to continuously comparing the actual output volume with the set output volume, the actual density, and the difference in set density. We cannot fully believe in the primacy of the equipment.
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