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  • ●「耐高温材料」聚氨酯硬泡的发展方 [07-25] ● Development method of "high temperature resistant material" polyurethane rigid foam
  • ●「ws15」喷涂型聚氨酯应用指南 [07-25] ● "ws15" Spraying Polyurethane Application Guide
  • Prospects for the future development of polyurethane insulation materials industry
    来源:http://motokone.com发布时间: 2018-05-12 16:55 Author: Polyurethane foam machine Source: http: // Published: 2018-05-12 16:55
    China is a large construction market on WORD, but currently more than 95% of China's new construction is still high energy consumption. China's urban and rural housing establishment ministry has detailed energy saving goals. In 2010, China's new urban buildings in the country will achieve 50% energy saving, and by 2020, new buildings in the northern and coastal economically prosperous areas will achieve 65% energy saving. Therefore, the domestic rigid foam will be used in the construction category of thermal insulation materials in the proportion of about 10%.
    The building materials analyst thinks that the polyurethane insulation material industry will develop in the future. Polyurethane insulation materials are environmentally friendly and fit the national development strategy. In 2011, China will start construction of 10 million guaranteed houses, with an annual real estate completed area of more than 2 billion square meters, of which 20% will be used for external wall insulation, and the market price of 70 yuan per square meter of external wall insulation will generate about 300 100 million yuan output value. This does not include the renovation of 45 billion square meters of existing energy-efficient buildings. From this, it can be seen that the external thermal insulation materials as an important part of the building materials, the establishment of guaranteed housing will greatly stimulate the demand for external thermal insulation.
    However, due to the late start of the domestic building energy-saving insulation industry, the overall maturity of the industry is low, and there are fewer large enterprises. In addition, the building insulation industry is currently an emerging industry in China, and the industry system is not perfect, so the overall industry competition pattern is more chaotic. As the polyurethane insulation material industry is a sunrise industry, some companies have begun to enter, making the overall competition in the industry more fierce.
    With the development of new building materials from time to time, the industry is bound to become more and more standard, and some mixed products are bound to be eliminated. At the same time, due to the government's promotion of building energy-saving related policies, the recognition of new building materials, and the excellent performance guarantee of polyurethane itself, it is estimated that China's building energy saving market will become a fast-moving category in China in the next few years, and polyurethane energy-saving building materials will be greatly developed. Potential, the market has a lot of room for growth.
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