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  • Polyurea spraying equipment JNJX-H5800
    来源:http://motokone.com发布时间: 2018-09-20 13:23 Author: Polyurethane foam machine Source: http: // Published: 2018-09-20 13:23

    Polyurea equipment JNJX-H5800
    ● Equipment advantages:
    1. Hydraulic driving, high working efficiency, stronger and more stable power;
    2, with low failure rate, simple operation, easy to move, etc .;
    3. Smooth ventilation mode to ensure the stability of the equipment;
    4. The four-layer raw material filtering device can reduce the problem of spray clogging;
    5. Multiple leakage protection system can protect the safety of the operator;
    6. Equipped with emergency switch system, can quickly respond to emergencies;
    7. Reliable and powerful 380v heating system can quickly heat the raw materials to the ideal state to meet the normal construction of the equipment in cold areas;
    8. The digital display counting system can accurately understand the consumption of raw materials in time;
    9, the whole machine is completely humanized design, can store (120 meters) insulation tube group, equipment operation panel user-friendly settings, it is easy to grasp the operation mode;
    10. The new spray gun has the advantages of small size, light weight, and low failure rate;
    11. The feeding pump adopts a large transformation ratio method, which can also easily feed when the raw material viscosity is high in winter;
    ● Use of equipment:
    The equipment is suitable for a variety of construction environments, and can spray a variety of two-component materials. It is widely used in subgrade waterproofing, pipeline anticorrosion, auxiliary cofferdam engineering, storage tanks, pipeline coating, cement layer protection, wastewater treatment, roof waterproofing, and basement waterproofing , Industrial maintenance, wear-resistant lining, cold storage insulation, exterior wall insulation, etc.
    ● Technical parameters:
    Three-phase four-wire phase 380V 50Hz
    Heating power: 30KW
    Drive mode: hydraulic drive
    Hydraulic pressure: 6-18Mpa
    Air source: 0.5 ~ 0.8 MPa ≥0.5m3 / min
    Output of raw materials: 3 ~ 17kg / min
    Output pressure: 36Mpa
    AB material output ratio: 1: 1
    ● Standard configuration:
    Host: one
    Receiver barrel: 2 meters
    Spray gun: 1
    Feed pump: 2
    Host pipe: 2
    Heating insulation pipe: 30 meters (length 120 meters)
    Box: one set
    Equipment net weight: 310kg
    Packing: wooden box

    Host size: 870 * 840 * 1240mm
    Packing size: 1350 * 1150 * 1700mm