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  • Unsatisfactory flame retardant performance of insulation materials becomes a major hidden danger of cold storage safety
    来源:http://motokone.com发布时间: 2018-05-05 11:33 Author: Polyurethane foam machine Source: http: // Published: 2018-05-05 11:33
    On November 21, a sudden fire broke out in the cold storage of a food factory in Jiaozuo, Henan, accompanied by an explosion; on November 22, a fire broke out in a food warehouse in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang, and the scene was soaring. In just two days, there were two cold storage fires in the bwin中文地址, which was really astounding. Nowadays, with the increase of everyone's requirements for food storage, there has been a wave of cold storage construction in various places. However, behind a large number of constructions, there are often some irregular cold storage constructions eager to achieve success and blindly follow the trend. Coupled with the fact that there are more cold storages and fewer professionals who know how to construct and maintain them, the risks of cold storages are further increased.
    Around 10 o'clock in the morning on November 21, a fire broke out in a factory building in Jiaozuo Central Station, Henan, and the scene was full of smoke. According to a worker who did not want to reveal his name, this plant is the cold storage of Jiaozuo Runsheng Food Factory, which is currently under renovation. This morning, when they were renovating in the next room, they suddenly heard a violent explosion, and the workers ran out. According to the workers, the explosion was the following barreled polyurethane, commonly known as foaming agent. After the explosion, the iron bucket just flew into the temporary room opposite, and set the temporary room on fire again. There was another worker in the makeshift room cooking at the time, and he might have been injured.
    The person in charge of the construction party introduced that the roof of the cold storage is extruded plastic, which is similar to the color steel plate, so the open flames are inside the extruded plastic. The person in charge also said that the cause of the fire was likely to be caused by a fire in the switchboard in the house.
    At about 14:00 on November 22, a fire broke out in a warehouse near Twelfth Road, Xixinan Street, Xi'an District, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province. The accident occurred in a frozen food processing factory.
    Coincidentally, fire accidents in cold storage often happened before. However, in recent years, there has been an upsurge of cold storage construction in various places, and the probability of safety accidents has increased significantly. According to incomplete statistics, from May to July 2015, four cold storage fire accidents across the country were reported. The safety of cold storage should attract great attention from relevant departments and the construction side. Some people may be surprised: the temperature of the cold storage is so low that it still drips and freezes from time to time, how can it burn up? Cold storage is not easy to catch fire, but once a fire occurs, it will be more violent than ordinary fire.
    The three-dimensional fire of the top wall of the four walls of the cold storage is a three-dimensional fire. The burning of the material inside the board is not easy to detect, the toxic gas is released, and it is easy to cause the unit to explode. Not to mention fire fighting. Cold storage fires are very large and very difficult to extinguish. This is why the above-mentioned cold storage fires are dispatched with so many fires and still require long-term fighting to extinguish fires. The industry analysis shows that in recent years, many examples of cold storage fires have been caused by three reasons, including both cold storage design and cold storage construction.
    First, wiring problems ignite combustibles. In cold storage fires, most of the fires caused by wiring problems are caused by short circuits. The cold storage door is left open for a long time, and the hot air enters the cold storage. The condensed water in the storage increases sharply, and the water droplets cause a short circuit on the wire, then open flames, and then a big fire. The motor runs for too long and overheats, which causes condensation when defrosting, and then the water hits the electric wire and cannot be cleaned out. Either the line is used for a long time, the insulation layer is aging and cracked, causing the two wires to collide; or the wire is mechanically damaged due to the random connection of the wire, causing a short circuit.
    Industry insiders remind that after the cold storage is built, in principle, the line needs to be overhauled every three years to prevent line problems from causing a fire. In the process of using the cold storage, you need to operate according to the relevant instructions. The cold storage door cannot be left open for a long time. Large cold storage units must be used alternately. However, in reality, many cold storage owners are not aware of this problem, and even some small cold storage builders have unscientific lines set up during construction, and there are hidden dangers such as short circuits and leakage. For the installation of the circuits in the cold storage, not only the installers need to have relevant qualification certificates, but the selected electrical box wires are of high quality.
    Secondly, illegal construction caused open flames and lit combustibles. This type of fire is actually completely avoidable and only needs to be constructed as required. But unfortunately, fires of this kind are not uncommon, and many small cold storage builders are pursuing speed under competition pressure without monitoring whether the construction is illegal. In order to save costs, some cold storage owners rebuild themselves, and they do not understand the relevant construction regulations, which causes illegal fires at the construction site of the cold storage. Insiders reminded that when an open fire is required for the construction of a cold storage, fire blankets, dry powder fire extinguishers and buckets are required. It is important to have the qualification to operate an open fire; a fire certificate must be filed with the construction unit before the open fire construction can begin.
    At present, relevant regulations on the construction of cold storage in the refrigeration industry are not complete, and industry standards still need to be improved.
    Later, the unqualified flame-retardant performance of insulation materials is also a major hidden danger of the safety of cold storage. As the main material in the cold storage warehouse board; the quality of the insulation material directly affects whether the small fire can become a fire. Although rock wool has non-combustible properties, after being used for several years, rock wool will become brittle and prone to breakage and breakage. At present, because of the low thermal conductivity of rigid polyurethane, moisture resistance, water resistance, fire resistance, high temperature resistance, and stable structure, it is not easy to crack. It is still the mainstream of polyurethane. It's also a pity that fires caused by poor-quality polyurethane are common. A major fire accident in Shanghai occurred when the engineering contractor purchased and used low-quality, non-flammable polyurethane materials. The fire in Shandong Shouguang Longyuan also originated from this.
    People in the industry reminded that in the construction, only a simple trial is needed to know the quality of the library board. A good polyurethane lighter is not flammable, even if it is ignited for more than 3 seconds, it will not burn again, and a poor quality polyurethane library board is flammable. After the lighter is ignited, it will burn for a long time. It will be extremely easy to burn and cause a fire after being exposed to fire. Will release a lot of toxic gases. Even if the inferior polyurethane is spread even thicker, it can't be compared with the good polyurethane in terms of fire resistance, heat insulation and heat insulation.